Kingsway Sushi

Kingsway Sushi is part of the Top Gun Group of restaurants and the sister restaurant of Richmond Sushi. Kingsway Suhi is located in on the border of Vancouver and Burnaby. As a sister restaurant of Richmond Sushi, the menu is pretty much identical however there are some minor differences that makes Kingsway Sushi as least for me slightly better. However they are both similar enough that if you like or dislike one they you probably feel the same way about the other. The service and how you take orders are also similar and it is via a palm pilot device. As per the pro’s of Richmond Suhi, the highlights for me were the cooked dishes vs the rolls, although they are not bad. The BBQ Chicken Wings and the Salmon Belly along with the various oyster dishes are pretty good. Overall, they have plenty of seating so it’s good for large groups and parking if free during the weekends so It is definitely worth a try if you want wanting some all you can eat Japanese food.

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