Jollibee is essentially the McDonald for Filipinos, at least that’s the way I can describe it. It is addictive and oh so delicious! Going here has always made me nostalgic for when i used to eat it when i was a kid back in the Philippines. The closest one to Vancouver is located just outside of Seattle, Washington inside the Westfield Southcenter Mall, more specifically the Filipino wing of that mall where you will find other favorites Chow King, Tokyo Tokyo, Seafood City, Red Ribbon and Jollibee. It’s a decent size restaurant with plenty of seating including large tables for families. My personal favorite here is the Spaghetti, a childhood favorite, it’s pretty much as fake of a taste you can get to be honest as well as complete with it’s fake cheese and hotdog but it’s so delicious and I definitely have a weakness to it. The friend chicken comes with gravy and has a unique taste which is also delicious and the palabok fiesta is also great and i know it’s many people’s favorite. Overall, it’s a great place to visit once in a while especially if you are having that craving or if you have never tried it before it’s worth trying.

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