Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House

Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House is an All You Can Eat restaurant but unlike the other typical Japanese restaurant it is a mix of Japanese and Korean dishes. A main feature is the Korean BBQ, where you can order the raw meat and you have access to a grill on your table and you can bbq your food as well as order pre-cooked dishes as well such as sushi and teriyaki dishes. This is a fairly large restaurant and they have lots of table and room for large groups as well which is nice. The service here thought I find is a bit hit and miss where sometimes it feel they are understaffed and can take a while to get any refills etc etc. Overall the food taste good on the good days and it’s a nice experience. It’s a place to try if you like these 2 mixes and the prices are reasonable as well.

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